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Why learn the Arabic language?

The website www.i-arab.com has been developed and designed to teach Arabic to non-native speakers, and this initiative comes from the company’s deep belief in adopting this responsibility and providing the necessary resources and lessons needed to teach Arabic in cooperation with partners specializing in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, namely the company Obtain. Our website is characterized by the richness of content and its sequence for students and learners…

Learn the Arabic language from expert teachers in education

We have professional teachers who are highly qualified in teaching Arabic Our site is considered one of the best educational sites for Arabic language service in the world

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Arabic for non-native Arabic Speaker

"Arabic For All”, This series comprises a developed version of the book “Arabic At Your Hands”

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Arabic Language course

عينة مجانية لدورة اللغة العربية الشاملة القادمة: القراءة / الكتابة / التحدث باللغة العربية مع العرب من جميع أنحاء العالم

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Introduction . . . – مقدمة

سوف تأخذ هذه الدورة لتتعلم أساسيات اللغة العربية ، وما أعنيه بالأساسيات أنك ستتمكن من قراءة الحروف العربية ، وكيفية كتابتها ، والأرقام العربية وكيفية تهجئتها أيضًا

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International curricula and different educational levels

Choose your level in Arabic

Choose the appropriate level for you and we will help you learn Arabic easily, mastery and smoothly.

Flexibility to join our lessons

Join our live interactive lessons anytime, from any device.

Conversation and live chat professors and specialists

Speak Arabic with experts in this field and they will help you improve your Arabic.

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