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Speaking and listening courses

Direct interactive lessons are an effective way to develop and improve speaking and listening skills and gain self-confidence, it does not matter that our student is at any level as long as we make sure that you receive the appropriate and excellent education.

Certificate of completion

At the end of the educational level and the completion of the assessment, we provide our students with certificates by level. These certificates are approved by the Global Network for Teaching Arabic Language.

Helpful exercises and activities

We have exercises and activities from everyday life that enable you to benefit and learn Arabic faster. You can use these exercises to develop your listening and speaking Arabic skills. You can also learn writing, expression and dictation skills.

Interactive lessons

Our educational lessons feature a mixture of sound, image and movement to break the traditional mold in distance education and never feel bored.

Why learn the Arabic language? We learn Arabic for the following reasons:

To learn about Arab culture and dive into the depths of an ancient civilization that is thousands of years old.

To open new horizons, contribute, and develop personal skills in identifying new places and new people.

Feeling of pleasure and comfort when speaking with and understanding Arab people correctly.

Enjoy reading Arabic books and literature, and understanding what Arabs produce in terms of flags, television, series, movies, and more.

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