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Why learn the Arabic language?

The website www.i-arab.com has been developed and designed to teach Arabic to non-native speakers, and this initiative comes from the company’s deep belief in adopting this responsibility and providing the necessary resources and lessons needed to teach Arabic in cooperation with partners specializing in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, namely the company Obtain. Our website is characterized by the richness of content and its sequence for students and learners,

and the stages of electronic education are distinguished by providing educational content designed by experts in the Arabic language and its teaching and that contributes to the transfer of the student from an educational level to a higher level as required by the educational curriculum.
We at i-arab.net care about the quality of education and have a special philosophy based on teaching students and learners in an interesting and wonderful manner that contributes to the development, improvement, and learning of the language among students.
The site is distinctive and beautiful, as it contains a wonderful design in terms of the aesthetics of web pages and is characterized by the ease of moving from one page to another and from one link to another. Our website is built with the latest technology and is simple and easy to use.

The Global Network for Teaching Arabic, We are distinguished by the following reasons:

Teaching the Arabic language to specialists and researchers in all fields

12 levels of Arabic language teaching and speaking to non-native speakers

Direct and fun interactive lessons

Ease and flexibility in choosing lessons or classes

Teachers with long experience in teaching the Arabic language

Learning by doing through a flexible learning system

Why learn the Arabic language? We learn Arabic for the following reasons:

To learn about Arab culture and dive into the depths of an ancient civilization that is thousands of years old.

To open new horizons, contribute, and develop personal skills in identifying new places and new people.

Feeling of pleasure and comfort when speaking with and understanding Arab people correctly.

Enjoy reading Arabic books and literature, and understanding what Arabs produce in terms of flags, television, series, movies, and more.

Our Features

the education process for non-Arabs

From here, the education process for non-Arabs comes after the widespread of the language and the increasing demand and demand from thinkers and orientalists from various countries, as some Arab countries have established institutes and centers specialized in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.

Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers is a different process than what we learned and taught in the original Arabic language, as it requires specific skills, methods, and different approaches. Because the one who is willing or educated will not be able to speak in the Arabic language at first, and here comes the role of the institutes and centers spread in various Arab countries.
And since distance education provides the learners and learners with their needs, they always incur the trouble of traveling and the exorbitant expenses that contribute to
www.arab.net in enriching students of the Arabic language and helping them learn Arabic from the beginning to advanced levels in an interesting and wonderful way.

Our Teachers

Teachers of the Arabic language have long experience in teaching the Arabic language

Our teachers are highly skilled in teaching and teaching and have high experience in teaching Arabic with ease and flexibility

Khaled Hadyeh

Arabic Language

Hamza Debis

Arabic Language

Nancy Mohammed

Arabic Language

Samar Ahmad

Arabic Language

Khawthar Rabeaa

Arabic Language

Hussam Barghoth

Arabic Language

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